Rescue me

Did you ever have one of those projects that doesn’t turn out how you thought it would when you came up with the idea?  This is one of those projects.

For some reason I thought one of the baker’s boxes from the holiday catalogue would look very Christmasy splattered with red and green ink.  Unfortunately that is not the case. The box looked more like a prop from a slasher movie set.  So I said to myself, ok how am I going to fix this? I know, let’s splatter some more green ink.  This is what the box looked like after I added more green ink.  Not much of an improvement really.

So this box has sat on the shelf unfinished until now. I looked at this box wondering how I could rescue it.  First I thought if I added some gold embossing, that might help it look less like as something owned by a serial killer. So I took a stamp from the timeless Textures stamp set and slowly added image after image and heat embossing each image.   I still didn’t think it looked Christmasy enough, the red ink still looked like blood.   I toned down the red by sponging more red ink on to the box.

What do you think?  Did I manage to rescue this box?


Happy stamping


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